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Just got a extraction done by Dr. Fuhriman. Appreciate the promptness and comfort that I received and all parties were nothing but great. Thank you! -Steve Harmeyer 7/9/24

In a time of need the staff was able to get me in the same day. They are extremely friendly, professional, highly detailed, explain the treatment/services thoroughly, and take great care of their patients while maintaining an affordable price. -Tim Brumbach 7/8/24

Your staff and office are wonderful. -Mary W. 7/3/24

It’s always a pleasure visiting with Dr. Williams and all the great folks at Zanesville Dental. -Matt Hughes 6/29/24

My experience was great! I am so thrilled with my cleaning. It has been too long since I had a cleaning and my teeth look so great. I am so happy. Unfortunately, I forget my hygienist’s name, but look up my name and give him a high five! Thank you all so much! -Michael B. 5/29/24

Wonderful as always! -Courtney L. 5/24/24

Outstanding as always! As someone who has always struggled with dental appointments, Dr. Williams and his team have made it very low stress and painless. -Dianna L. 5/23/24


Dr. Fuhriman and the staff at Zanesville Dental were incredible.

I had 9 out of 10 pain on Saturday. I couldn’t get in to see my doctor or any other doctor over the weekend. So on Monday morning at 7 am I was surprised to see they were open and they just happened to get me in!

During the consultation, the staff and Dr were empathetic, comforting, always asking for consent, funny and always asking questions, took x-rays and then 3-D x-rays when needing to explore more in-depth.

I was grateful he explored less invasive options first like adjusting my bite sine the first x-ray didn’t reveal anything. After the second set of x-rays, he explained what was happening. I had an abscess. He helped me understant my options and to me, the root canal seemed to be the best option for the health of my mouth and would save me money since I wouldn’t need to get the tooth extracted and then get an implant. I asked if I could get the root canal at that moment and they were able to fit me in!

I was delighted! He said he never had anyone thank him for needing a root canal!

Everything was completed before 9 am!

I was beyond grateful for their quick service.

I’ve waited 2 weeks to add this review because I wanted to make sure I had no problems.

During the first procedure, the Dr. prescribed amoxicillin and drilled and filled my tooth with a temporary medicated filling.

A week later, the filling was removed and I was able to get a permanent filling in the tooth.

I did have incredible pain after the numbing medication wore off. It was recommended I alternate ibuprofen and acetaminophen. But, I didn’t start that right away. In the end, I needed to continue to take this until three days after my second procedure. I didn’t really care that I was taking medicine for over 10 days, because I needed it to reduce the pain.

My jaw, gums and teeth feel incredible now. I’m so grateful they could fit me in so soon, take care of the infection and help me save my tooth.

I had a crown on the tooth with the problem and he was able to drill through it! And after he filled the tooth I can’t even see that there is a filling. My crown doesn’t look compromised and so I will not have to get a new crown. I’m beyond grateful I don’t have to get another crown.

-Sarah Henderson 5/21/24

Lora and Dr. Fuhriman are very friendly and professional. Lora always makes sure I am comfortable during the thorough teeth cleaning. -Margaret N. 5/8/24

While the majority of folks don’t want to be in a dentist chair, you all are the best at making a patient feel comfortable and at ease. Keep up the excellent work!!! -Sandy R. 5/2/24

Love the entire staff! The energy is fantastic! Thank you for everything you do. -Mary Jane D. 5/2/24

A very friendly and knowledgeable staff-also very professional in their care for the patient. -Pat M. 5/2/24

The entire staff of Zanesville Dental has always been extremely friendly and professional! They have taken care of my teeth for over 30 years. I encourage anyone looking for a relaxing and enjoyable dental experience to schedule an appointment. Yes, it is possible to use the words relaxing, enjoyable, and dental experience in the same sentence! -Ken Weaver 4/26/24

Everyone is always helpful and friendly. Also ready on time. Thank you and GOD BLESS. -Shirley A. 4/24/24

Very satisfied, would highly recommend to anyone in need of dental care. -Chris H. 4/19/24

As always the staff @ Zanesville Dental could not be beat. Professional, courteous and timely. Dr. Scott always makes you feel comfortable as does Laura the hygienist. -John Parker 4/19/24

Big thanks to Izzy and Dr. Scott Williams. They took time to investigate and listen to my comments to come up with a treatment plan. It’s working! -Mysti H. 4/10/24

My dad has never enjoyed dental visits, but he very much enjoyed his appointment with Zanesville Dental! So glad we found them! -Esmond S. 4/5/24

Very kind due to fearfulness of dentists. -Arva L. 4/4/24

-Gayle Morgan 4/4/24

Great visit always above expectations, thanks. -Delmer D. 3/27/24

I get my teeth cleaned every 6 months by Melissa. She does an amazing job and she is so gentle. I couldn’t ask for any better! Thanks Melissa for caring! -Angie Bolden 3/22/24

I have been going to this dentist over 20 years and they have always been very caring, courteous and professional. -Lilly P. 3/19/24

Dr. Andy and Gabbie were extremely helpful and comforting during my procedure. -Caleb R. 3/14/24

Thank you so much for being able to schedule us both before my surgery. We appreciate you so much. Thank you Lora for all you do. -Joyce S. 3/14/24

The dentist and his aides were so kind and nice, explaining what they would be doing to help all of the issues with Laila’s teeth. The appointment didn’t feel overwhelming like all the past appointments at previous dental offices. -Laila F. 3/14/24

Chipped a tooth and was able to see me that day. Very appreciative of that. Thank you!! -Matt R. 3/6/24

Always a great experience! Everyone is so friendly and it just feels like you are a part of the family when you walk in. -Megan 3/3/2024

As always I was well taken care of. Love the office and the staff! -Jill C. 2/22/24

It was a pleasant visit. Staff was professional and friendly. The hygienist who cleaned my teeth was a real pro at her job and really has a way of making you feel comfortable and at ease. -Flora M. 2/22/24

Dr. Williams’ office is always a very friendly and comforting place to go for care. It is especially comforting to know that when you have to go there with tooth pain, etc. your anxiety and tension will be minimized by the friendly, caring and pleasant staff! This is the best dentist practice I have ever been to for services, skill and care, as I have lived out of state for a period. I feel very grateful that we have them in our community! -Becky B. 2/22/24

We are very pleased to be part of Dr. Williams/Fuhriman  dental family. They are absolutely wonderful with our care and scheduling. We are lifers! -Fred and Cathy M. 2/28/24

Very thorough, polite and a pleasant experience. No pressure to do more than you need or want. -Debbie Wilson 2/16/24

Always a great experience! -Nancy M. 2/8/24

Great friendly staff. -Darren Gibson 1/23/24

Dr. Alex Williams saw me right away after my bridge fell off. He and Stephanie explained all my options in the future and was extremely helpful. -Gary F. 1/12/24

Everyone is friendly and professional. I feel “at home” when I go there. Thanks for the great service!! -Kathy G. 1/19/24

Friendliness paired with professionalism, a rare commodity. Zanesville Dental LLC has both. Would recommend to anyone. -Gary Campbell 1/12/24

Dr. Williams was absolutely awesome to talk to and made my appointment very comfortable with the cavities that I have and not poking at them like most other dentists I have seen in the past. I know with getting my cavities filled, the pain is coming but Dr. Williams made my visit comfortable enough to look forward on returning asap to get the job done. -Jeremy J. 1/11/24

Very pleasant visit, presented my options and helped in my decision making and layed out a plan for payment of services. Great job guys, see you soon. -Albert M. 1/4/24

I had a great experience with Dr. Alex Williams and hygienist Steph. I had multiple cavities filled and was under IV sedation. I have always struggled with dental anxiety, in fact, it’s caused me to push off work. This team made me feel comfortable, easily got me in and out of IV sedation despite my veins being difficult, and filled those cavities. I really haven’t been in any pain and it’s been almost two weeks later. I’m so thoroughly impressed with the work that was done by Dr. Alex Williams. I will be going back here for future dental work and I plan to recommend them to anyone in search of a new dentist. It can be scary going to the dentist, especially if you’ve been putting work off and blaming the pandemic like I have, but they were kind, understanding, reassuring, and time efficient. I greatly appreciate this office and the time convenience that Zanesville Dental offers! -Cammie Bunting 1/1/24

I honestly cannot say enough about my FIRST experience at Zanesville Dental today. I needed to change my dentist of 40 plus years due to my dentist retiring and I wanted to establish a dentist for my 10 year old son as well who has a fear of the dentist. Then entire experience from start to finish was so impressive. From the lobby being so inviting to all the equipment being modern and SUCH a friendly staff! My son left the office with a smile on his face and I look forward to our next visit. I highly recommend this place!!!! -Emily McBurney 12/20/23

Love this dental office and everyone who works here! They are all super professional and kind! Dr. Alex is an amazing dentist! Thank you all! -Nadja Wilson 12/20/23

Excellent—Friendly and professional service. -Connie Ripple 12/2/23

Friendly staff and excellent service. -Pam N. 11/28/23

Everyone is always friendly and they are ready to help you and to help you feel better. -Jan D. 11/18/23

I am normally terrified of going to the dentist, but I was treated well and put at ease. Thank you. -Jennifer B. 11/20/23

Very satisfied with my visit. -Linda M. 11/16/23

All of you are super terrific and awesome. -Debbie B. 11/15/23

Keep up the great work! -charles N. 11/10/23

Very helpful with my extraction pain. Their patience with me was a blessing. They were concerned with how I was feeling. Never felt rushed and Dr. Alex and Olivia were amazing. -Anne M. 11/9/23

Justin told me that it was the best dental experience he has ever had in his life. It was pain-free, the staff was interactive and friendly, and the hygienist educated him about hygiene while expressing understanding about the challenges he faces with autism, and without shaming him. Thanks! -11/8/23

I always feel comfortable during my visit and feel as if I am a person and not just a number or an insignificant being. Thank you. -Margaret N. 11/8/23

They are so kind and helpful. -Denise B. 11/2/23

I was lucky to have my 6 month visit on Halloween. They make going to the dentist fun! They are the best! Highly recommend!! -Lisa Bradley 11/1/23

Great staff. Gave me some great advice on future treatments! -John Hill 10/27/23

Great people, always feel that they take their time and address my concerns on my dental health. -Larry Daniels 10/27/23

Best dentist and staff, always a good experience. -Jill Cross 10/27/23

By far the best dental facility ever. Dr. Alex and Olivia were the best and helped me through to get to where I needed. The dentures they made at their office were top notch. The whole staff are so pleasant and kind. I can’t say enough good things about them. If you need any type of dental work, give them a call. You won’t be disappointed. -Julie T. 10/25/23

Very friendly staff. -Christina C. 10/18/23

Everything was great. -Barb R. 10/11/23

Dr. Alex and the staff were absolutely amazing during my 3 year old’s dental emergency. They were awesome with making my 3 year old feel comfortable. I appreciate them so much for being the only dentist I contacted willing to try and help my child. She feels so much better! -Dalainee 10/9/23

Love this place. Best dentist my family had gone to. -Blake B. 10/6/23

Great staff and pleasant surroundings. -Shirley B. 10/5/23

Lora and Dr. Williams are wonderful! -Kim T. 9/22/23

Have been coming here for years and will continue. -Cindy R. 9/21/23

Thanks for getting me in so fast! -Amanda D. 9/14/23

Excellent, attentive care. Dr. Alex and Tony aare great. Office staff sets a friendly tone for the visit. -Lynette F. 9/14/23

First visit and I am so happy to find you!!! -Rebecca W. 9/14/23

My first experience with Zanesville Dental came last week after having a tooth break over the weekend. The team of Lindsay and Jan put on a performance that I can only describe as a cross between “the great masterpiece on the Bob Ross Channel meets the premiere Formula One pit crew.” The phone and front desk staff were equally wonderful as was Doctor Scott Williams. -John Amodeo 9/11/23

Great experience with an amazing staff and dentist. -Craig B. 8/30/23

A+ experience. Thank you. -Brian W. 8/24/23

They do great work! Everyone is so kind. -Steve B. 8/16/23

I can’t think of a single thing you should change. It was a very pleasant experience. You may have cured my phobia of dentists. -James S. 8/10/23

Very pleasant experience! -Debbie W. 8/1/23

My hygienist explained everything along the way. Dr. Williams is always so honest with what needs to be done and will not make you spend money on unnecessary procedures! -Talena B. 8/1/23

Love all the good people there. Thanks for taking care of me. -David S. 8/1/23

I’ve been here twice now and both times have been great! They are all very friendly, it’s very clean inside, and the hygienists I’ve seen have been very thorough. I definitely recommend this office! -Aley 7/28/23

Can’t say enough good things about this office. They always make me feel like they are glad to see me and care about me as a person just not another patient. -Becky W. 7/26/23

They took their time to explain various procedures, they are also very kind. -Denise B. 7/12/23

Staff is always nice and friendly. -Darren G. 7/12/23

I had a filling break on a Friday evening, called my regular dentist Monday morning and he is out the whole month of July. I called around and Zanesville Dental got me in ASAP without hesitation! They took out my old filling and replaced it all!! I was in and out within 45 minutes. The last dental office didn’t even get the whole cavity out and I still had decay under my existing filling. Dr. Williams and his assistants thoroughly explained everything to me and even showed me pictures of what he was looking at. Every staff member was welcoming and super polite and personable. They made sure I was comfortable the whole time. This visit alone went well enough, I decided to switch my care over to their office right away! -Karly S. 7/6/23

The whole staff and experience was a 10/10. -Cierra G. 6/30/23

It was a good experience overall. As someone with super high anxiety, I felt heard and as comfortably as possible. -Emily O. 6/29/23

Thank you to the staff for taking their time with me and explaining everything to me and being so kind. -Martha T. 6/29/23

The staff at Zanesville Dental is very friendly and very good at taking care of me. I felt that I was in good hands when I was there. -Jeff B. 6/28/23

I had a great experience. I’m so happy I chose Zanesville Dental. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for in choosing a new dentist office. -Janet H. 6/22/23

Every staff member is so professional and friendly! -Leslie D. 6/21/23

Love my dentist and office staff. -Debbie H. 6/8/23

Fantastic experience!!!! I generally do not like going to the dentist, but everyone from the front desk all the way to the doctor were very polite, understanding; and made my visit as pleasant as it could be!!!! Honestly, best experience I’ve had! Thank you all very much!! I’ll definitely be coming back for all future dental procedures!!!! -Dallas F. 6/1/23

I was very pleased with the entire experience. Thank you. -Carmelina S. 5/31/23

It’s always a welcome feeling from everyone. Very very nice and pleasant feeling as I’m there. Very caring office. -Brian P. 5/24/23

You guys are great! Happy to be seen soon for my issue on 5/11/23. -Barb M. 5/17/23

I love, love, love the amazing staff at this office!!!! They make me feel like part of their extended family! I would highly recommend them for any of your dental needs!!! -Sandy Raines 5/17/23

My visit at Zanesville Dental was the most pleasant and relaxing I have ever had at a dentist office. The staff treated me like family and went out of their way to make me comfortable. I knew the minute that I met the staff and Doctor Alex, I was in good hands. The doctor listened to everything I had to say and wasn’t rushed. I am very pleased and will be going back. -Christy Campbell 5/16/23

-Chris Hagan 5/6/23

Always a great experience at Zanesville Dental! Very professional! -Mark Craig 5/7/23

I went in for a root canal. I was a little apprehensive about the procedure because I’ve heard stories. Dr. Alex Williams and his assistant, Olivia made sure I was comfortable. I could have literally napped through it. Absolutely satisfied! -Bruce M. 4/26/23

I was highly satisfied with the service I received with very little discomfort. Great job. -Larry C. 4/26/23

The best dental group in town in my opinion. -Mark L. 4/14/23

Zanesville Dental is the place to go! If you have high anxiety when going to the dentist like I do, they are AMAZING at making you feel comfortable. The entire staff are very kind and caring. Dr. Alex is wonderful. He and his staff explains everything in detail and listens to your questions and concerns. I am so blessed to have found a place like Zanesville Dental. -Joyce Mason 4/10/23

Had a good exam… very efficient, kind and caring. Prompt and made an effort to make me as comfortable as possible. -Doris F. 4/7/23

-Amy Jackson 4/7/23

Great professional service! -Chris Jones 4/1/23

I always recommend this office to anyone asking. The staff is wonderful and caring! Love going there! -Heather Y. 3/30/23

I get the worst dental anxiety and everyone there is so helpful! They make my experience as pleasant as possible. I can’t imagine going anywhere else! -Angela Morehouse 3/30/23

I always have a very positive experience at your office, whether it’s for teeth cleaning or dental work. Everyone is so nice and they make my dental experiences as pain free as possible. I’ve been a patient for over 25 years. -Margaret Z. 3/29/23

Zanesville Dental was extremely professional and friendly place to go with a dental emergency for me, as an out-of-town visitor. A family member recommended them, I called, and got an appt the next morning. That alone was amazing. The visit was expeditious and professional, and I was made to feel very safe and comfortable, like they knew me. The care was so good, for a moment I considered whether they could be my regular dental office, but I live in AZ, and I could probably get an appt there faster than I could get a flight out there for it! Haha! They are phenomenal. Don’t hesitate to take your loved ones there or to be seen there yourself! -Jennifer S. 3/22/23

Always good! -Shelly H. 3/22/23

Appreciate politeness, and professionalism, if Dr. Fuhriman and staff. -Larry B. 3/22/23

Zanesville Dental is absolutely amazing. I called yesterday with really bad tooth pain and they were able to get me in the next day. I had to have 2 teeth removed. I was very nervous and scared. Dr. Alex Williams and Steph were amazing and so kind and made me feel so comfortable!!! I highly recommend Zanesville Dental. -Annie Worden 3/17/23

Thank you So So Much. -Anne S. 3/16/23

I’ve been going there for a looooong time. They’re personable and professional. They answer my questions. The office isn’t a primary on my dental plan, but I have a trust level I don’t want to give up. -Hinda A. 3/15/23

Always have a great experience with everyone in the office!!! -Jill C. 3/8/23

Dr. Scott Williams and his entire staff are amazing people, very professional but really down to earth. Their work is the best and I feel very comfortable going there. I have also seen Dr. Alex Williams and Dr. Fuhriman and they are also very good and very professional. -Nancy G 3/3/23

Love this office! I have gone to them for over 40 years, with always excellent care and service! -Cinda C. 2/22/23

Tooth problem was taken care of quickly and efficiently. -Janet L. 2/22/23

True professionals from receptionist clear to the doctor. -Sara B. 2/22/23

Love Dr. Alex. He makes you feel right at ease. He is easy to joke around with, so that takes your mind off of what he is doing. The staff that works for him is always ready to help you out. They all care about you as a patient and friend. -Brenda S. 2/15/23

Melissa, Gina and the entire team are awesome! -Shayne B. 2/15/23

Thank you so much for being so kind! Not one person in that office has ever made me feel bad about the condition of my teeth and that means so much more than you could ever know. When I have a ton of questions about insurance the ladies are so patient with me. It is greatly appreciated that everyone is so understanding. -Erin 2/8/23

Our family absolutely loves every single staff member at Zanesville Dental. From the front office ladies, who are kind and welcoming to the dental hygienists who are kind, courteous and friendly, to the dentists who are all of the above plus some, there’s just no one better in Zanesville!! -Cohen and Vicky S. 2/2/23

Thank you for taking the time with me with my recent appointment. -Trinette H. 2/1/23

I recommend you all the time! Thanks! -Bonnie H. 2/1/23

I really appreciate this office and their staff!! -Tori A. 1/27/23

Excellent. Kind, considerate and made the cleaning easy and kinda fun. -Pam W. 1/11/23

So fast and friendly. Thank you. -Taylor Montgomery 1/10/23

I have been a patient of Dr. Williams since 1985 and have always been very satisfied with the services he and his staff provide. They are very friendly as well as professional. I have had some extensive work done on my teeth through the years and have always been very happy with the results. Melissa always does a great job of cleaning and varnishing my teeth twice a year. I will continue to be a patient there as long as I have teeth to be taken care of. -Diane P. 1/6/23

Always feel welcomed and all the staff is excellent. -Darren G. 1/6/23

Fantastic service. Wonderful staff and doctors. -Craig H. 1/4/23

I am assured that your office is keeping my dental needs in tiptop shape. -Becky L. 12/22/22

This was Caydence’s first dental appointment and was so happy with how comfortable you guys made her! She got home and was talking about how much she liked it. Thank you for making it a good experience for her!! -Caydence C. 12/15/22

Keep up the good work. -James J. 12/14/22

Merry Christmas you all are so kind and caring. Thank you. -Judy K. 12/13/22

Greatest experience I’ve ever had at a dentist office. All the staff are extremely kind and professional and truly care about their patients comfort and well being. Highly recommended practice. -Dale A. 12/09/22

You are great!! Thanks for fitting me in for repairs! -Jan K. 12/8/22

Having moved to different cities often I can honestly say this office and staff are my favorite. They are friendly, kind and understand patients being nervous. I would go no where else. -Robyn L. 12/7/22

Always a very personal experience with kind, comforting, courteous and professional staff. -Paul B. 12/7/22

This was my second time seeing Dr. Alex. I’ve always disliked going to the dentist from embarrassment or fear. Dr. Alex was down to earth, relaxing and brings an atmosphere of confidence. Stephanie and Lindsay were the assistants and couldn’t have made me feel more comfortable and accepted. My first visit was for an emergency tooth extraction on a wisdom tooth that gave me immediate relief. My second visit was to repair a broken tooth and examination. They were able to flawlessly fix a front tooth and put together a care plan that wouldn’t hurt me financially. Everyone was so very kind and put up with me being, well… me. I’m the type of guy that’ll just let it fall off before going to a Dr. so if you’re that type of person I’m telling you Dr. Alex is the dude you need to see. No ego just confident care. 10 out of 5. -Josh Staggs 12/2/22

Zanesville Dental is an awesome place to make your dental appointments. I just moved here to OH and was referred here. the best decision I made for dental. You feel so much comfort when you walk in the door. Everyone is so nice and you are made to feel at home. I love and will continue to visit. -Maria R. 12/2/22

Friendly and courteous staff. Did everything they could to make my visit as comfortable as possible. Took time to explain procedures and options. Punctual. -Anonymous 12/2/22

Absolutely satisfied… Not only with working me in for the crown work, but by 11 am I didn’t even know I had any dental work done. My mouth was not sore at all. Thank you, Dr. Alex, DH Lora and even Gina who stopped in to wish me the best in my upcoming retirement. All of the staff are amazing. Thank you for another amazing dental experience! Would highly recommend this dental practice!!! -Sandy R. 11/18/22

Very professional, extremely nice and polite… -John G. 11/17/22

Entire staff is warm and welcoming! Never an unfriendly face to be seen! 🙂 -Lauren S. 11/16/22

It is a very friendly place to go for dental work. Every one is helpful and nice. -Shirley A. 11/10/22

I was one of Dr. Stimpson’s. After he retired, I became Dr. Williams’ patient. I have never minded going to the dentist. I have had a lot of dental work done. Dr. Williams always makes sure you have no pain. Love his staff, too. Always nice to be greeted by Gina. Lora and Jan always do a great job!! Highly recommend. -Debbie H. 11/4/22

Had a bad toothache and couldn’t get in anywhere. Dr. Alex helped me and got me in very quick! Got the problem taken care of and the staff is soo friendly and didn’t make me feel badly for the condition of my teeth. Highly recommend this office!!! -Erin S. 10/19/22

I truly appreciate the professionalism, and the abilities of Dr. Scott Williams and team. They work together with concerns for your best interest. I have always been treated with kindness and respect. -Trudy S. 10/19/22

Melissa does a great job! Thank you very much. -Connie D. 10/14/22

We are so happy to be part of the Zanesville Dental Family! They are available to us whenever we have needed them. The staff is incredible! That’s why we tell everyone who asks us who we go to for a dentist. -Cathy M. 10/12/22

Everything was very good. I really liked Tony. -Sally V. 10/6/22

I am very appreciative of this office. -Lisa H. 10/4/22

I am very appreciative of this office. -Lisa H. 10/4/22

I always have a great experience at Zanesville Dentist. Lora was outstanding. She was very personable as well as professional. Dr. Fuhriman, as always, is courteous and professional. -Kathy H. 9/28/22

Excellent Care. Professional yet caring and considerate. -Doris F. 9/28/22

The staff is always great. Lora and Dr. Williams are fantastic. We appreciate the great care my family receives. Thank you. -Vicki H. 9/28/22

As a long time patient, the staff and Dr. Williams are exceptionally caring, professional, and ensure the dental experience is about you, the patient. -Jean L. 9/28/22

The doctors and staff are wonderful. I can’t say enough good things about everyone. Keep up the good work. -Mary W. 9/28/22

I am very happy with your service. The staff are wonderful. -Barb R. 9/28/22

-John H. 8/24/22

Dr. Alex and Olivia gave me excellent care! -Barb C. 8/23/22

I felt very comfortable for the first time being seen. Also, Dr. Williams explained to me all the procedures and what to expect along with his assistant. Both made me feel very WELCOME. -Rosemary M. 8/18/22

We love Zanesville Dental and all of its staff! -Liza Jane N. 8/11/22

Melissa is always very nice and friendly. -Missy H. 7/28/22

I have been a client of Zanesville Dental for over 10 years. Very dedicated staff of dental professionals. I would recommend this dental practice to any family member or friend! -Paul G. 7/26/22

Very nice. helped in emergency off hours. Thank you so much. -Michelle B. 7/20/22

BEST DENTIST EVER! I love this dentist and all the staff but especially Melissa! She is so very kind and gentle when cleaning my teeth. I am not a fan of going to the dentist but this staff makes it enjoyable and takes away all my stress and anxiety. I always feel welcomed and they make me feel like family. 🙂 I highly recommend Zanesville Dental LLC! I am a customer for life. -Jesh F. 7/13/22

Super friendly and sweet people! My 5 & 8 year olds love it here. -Tori S. 7/7/22

Loved going here! Kindest people I’ve ever met! -Kieley C. 7/5/22

I have been a patient with Dr. Williams for over 30 years and have always had excellent care. I have also been treated by Dr. Fuhriman and Alex Williams and received the same excellent care. Melissa cleans my teeth when I go in every 6 months. She is very professional and we always have good conversation while she is cleaning my teeth. I highly recommend them all. -Diane P. 7/1/22

It’s like going home. They are like family! I have gone here 30+ years. Everyone is so friendly! They do a wonderful job! -Katha M. 6/23/22

Everything was great! Very pleased with my visit. -Barb R. 6/22/22

As much as I hate the dentist, Dr. Alex Williams sure knows how to make you feel comfortable about being there. Very upfront and forward.  -Austin W. 6/22/22

Very satisfied and enjoy my visits. -Elden H. 6/21/22

Steph put me at ease with her X-ray technique. Dr. Alex discussed my options, and gave me time to decide. I scheduled a procedure for a later date. A pleasant experience. -Phil B. 6/21/22

Dr. Alex Williams and Olivia were absolutely wonderful. Very understanding of my fears… This practice is great. I have seen all three dentists and good experiences with them all! -Sarah R. 6/11/22

The best dental staff in Zanesville!!! 6/9/22

Very friendly and courteous staff. Lora was very efficient and thorough. She checked with me about my comfort level throughout the cleaning process. Very highly recommended. -Anonymous. 5/25/22

Fabulous office, service and an awesome wonderful staff! Best in Zanesville, Ohio. -Mary Jane D. 5/5/2022

Excellent -Tom B. 5/5/2022

Everyone in the group are very nice. They are very helpful. Easy to make appointments and check out. Rate very good.  -Linda M. 5/4/22

All of the staff is excellent, always has been. They are just like family. -Cheryl Z. 4/28/22

Could not have asked for a better dental experience! Thank you. -Jennifer B. 4/19/22

The best dental experience I’ve ever had. The staff is so wonderful and polite and they make your needs come first! -Ken M. 4/14/22

Very efficient, professional, and friendly. -Nina C. 4/13/22

I have been going here for several years and have always been greeted and treated by the best! -Diana P. 4/13/22

I have received outstanding care for the past 12 years from a dedicated staff of professionals. -Paul G. 4/13/22

The best place ever!! For so many years I have felt so comfortable going to see the dentist. -Penny V. 4/13/22

I have been going to Zanesville Dental for over 20 years and I would never consider going anywhere else. The entire staff is professional and caring. -Chris M. 4/13/22

The staff at Zanesville Dental is the best of the best! They actually make a dental visit less stressful. I have had many dental procedures over the years and have no complaints. Dr. Williams provides exceptional care and concern as well as painless procedures. -Steve M. 4/13/22

I absolutely love the staff! So friendly and efficient! -Brenda M. 4/6/22

Love this place, everyone is like family to me. Have been going here for over 20 years. -Cindy R. 4/8/22

We appreciate the professional, friendly attitude that is shared with us every six months as we visit Zanesville Dental. The Best! Thank you, Melissa and Alex. -Gary and Connie D. 4/5/22

My hygienist was a great guy, sorry I worked him so hard. My experience couldn’t have been any better, thanks to all. -George M. 3/29/22

It is the day after my procedure and it is like I had a haircut instead of 2 extractions. I mean no pain, no swelling, and hardly any bleeding. I was so surprised. The staff and my doctor were absolutely great. The best dental experience I have had. Arrived very anxious and left absolutely amazed and thankful that it went so well. -Gregory H. 3/19/22

All at Zanesville Dental are great! Polite, friendly, and courteous!! Shout outs to Gina and Tony!! Thanks Dr. Williams and Staff!! -Adam R. 3/16/22

Good, like always. -Sharon B. 3/10/22

Always kind and professional. I graduated from Zanesville in 1971 and have been going to this dentist office since then. I make the trip from Coshocton because it’s worth the drive. I’ve also recommended this dentist to friends from Coshocton. I started with Dr. Stimpson, then Dr. Williams, and am now seeing Dr. Fuhriman. I wouldn’t consider going to anyone else. -Carol M. 3/8/22

Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Absolutely the best staff!!! -Carol O. 2/24/22

Great experience. I have avoided the dentist for many years, but finally decided to try somewhere new and they made it a very comfortable experience and I look forward to having a dentist I can trust. Thank you. -Jacob S. 2/22/22

Great place for your dental needs. They always make me feel comfortable and relaxed. Very nice folks to deal with. -John H. 2/15/22

Nice people and staff. Makes you feel very welcome. -Elizabeth H. 2/10/22

Our family has been treated by Zanesville Dental for many years and have always received excellent care. The staff is always friendly and really care about their patients. -Sharen S. 2/14/22

Thanks for getting me in as quick as possible. I appreciate it! -Dan B. 2/9/22

Prompt in making an appointment for me as I had a crown fall out over the weekend. Answered all my questions. -Donna S. 2/9/22

Lora did a great job! Very friendly and professional. -Lilly P. 2/9/22

Amazing staff, and attention to detail. -Darryl M. 1/27/22

I enjoy seeing my hygienists Lora and the rest of the staff. They make my dad. They are family. -Sherry H. 1/25/22

By far the BEST dental office I have ever been to, the Dentists and their staff are always so pleasant and care a lot about their patients and the families of their patients. -Nancy G. 1/20/22

-Randy O. 1/12/22

Enjoyed my experience. The staff is very friendly. -Jane M. 1/12/22

Always leave with a smile on my face! The patient care, professional, always taking time for any treatment needed. This dental clinic goes beyond to insure your comfort for procedures needed and obtained. Thank you & God Bless! -Debbie S. 1/6/22

Thank you for seeing me so quickly and for LISTENING to what (perhaps) triggered my distress. All has quite calmed down for my gum/tooth sensitivity. This getting older sucks! Happy New Year to everyone in the office and stay healthy. -Gail G. 1/5/22

AWESOME as always!!! -Karen L 12/13/21

I enjoy my visits with all of you…. The only medical facility that doesn’t insist on my getting on the scale. Thank you for your care. -Ruth K. 11/29/21

Each of the dentists have treated me with extreme compassion and amazing care. Every hygienist we’ve had has been friendly, caring and thorough. I highly recommend this practice! -Robin S. 11/18/21

Love everyone there! Best place ever ❤️ -Mary Jane D. 11/15/21

As always the staff is very nice and makes you feel comfortable. -Darren G. 11/9/21

Best dental visit I’ve ever had! Thank you! -Jodi C. 11/4/21

This was my first time seeing Dr. Alex Williams, and I was very impressed by him. Dr. Scott Williams is our “regular” dentist, but I felt I was in the same “good hands” with Alex. -Robin S. 10/21/21

On time very nice. Good thorough check up. -Linda M. 10/21/21

Everyone is always very friendly and helpful. Melissa is absolutely great and always makes me feel comfortable. -Shirley B. 10/18/21

Very upbeat office atmosphere, almost family-like. David S. 10/18/21

Thanks to your entire staff. You are awesome. -Linda O. 10/18/21

Really great experience. I look forward to a long relationship in the future. Thank you. -Matthew H. 10/18/21

Everyone is always very friendly and helpful. Melissa is absolutely great and always makes me feel comfortable. -Anonymous 10/18/21

The team at Zanesville Dental is simply the best! They take amazing care of your smile and make sure you are comfortable while doing so. 10/10! -Kayley S. 10/12/21

The visit was excellent… Tony does a great job making the cleaning process pain free. His attention to detail is great…. I appreciate Dr. Fuhriman’s follow up… -Robert G. 10/5/21

I was very satisfied with the treatment, and all the staff was very helpful and friendly. -Ilene S. 9/29/21

I’ve recommended this dental office to my family and friends. Everyone really likes the care they get there. This was the first time I’ve had a procedure besides cleaning done without the gas. I’ve been terrified of dentists all my life but not anymore because of the calm atmosphere and friendly people there. Dr. Alex and the hygienist that cleaned my teeth were both great. Thank you. -Jackie N. 9/27/21

Excellent Care. -Mike Z. 9/27/21

Dr. Fuhriman did an amazing job with my daughter’s braces!! He made her smile beautiful!!! The office staff and hygienists are amazing as well. Would definitely recommend their services!!! -Vicki S. 9/8/21

Made to feel very comfortable and explained things really well. -Tammy W. 9/8/21

They have a great staff, always very professional and nice. Been going here for years! Definitely recommend this office for all your dental needs. 🙂 -Debbie D. 9/8/21

I was very impressed that they got me in so quickly and efficiently. They made me feel very comfortable and Dr. Fuhriman took time to explain everything. The office staff were excellent!! I’d recommend them highly. -Jeff W. 9/8/21

Thanks to Gina, Tony and Dr. Williams and the rest of the staff for always ensuring a good experience in the “Dental Game” at Zanesville Dental. I have been in partnership with them all for a long, long time! Great People!!! -Adam R. 9/8/21

Dr. Fuhriman, Diane and his staff could not be any better. They are all very gracious and do their jobs with the greatest care that can possibly be done. -Carolyn B. 9/8/21

First time to visit this dentist and all I have to say is give them a try here, they’re the best. -Floyd N. 9/8/21

Very nice staff great service. -Larry C. 9/3/21

A very pleasant experience. Wonderful process. -Peter G. 9/2/21

Thank you for being gentle and explaining everything in detail. -Lori S. 9/2/21

Getting the implant was much easier than I was expecting. Great job Dr. Fuhriman. -Karen S. 8/24/21

I always feel more like a friend than a client! Dr. Fuhriman and his staff have always been helpful, understanding, patient and caring! I am so grateful to have been able to become an established client! -Angela K. 8/16/21

Dr. Alex and his assistant were great! -Luann G. 8/9/21

Thank you for the listening and tooth conservation. I TRUST Dr. Fuhriman and the staff. More of my family will be in soon. -Gail G. 8/5/21

If this is someone’s first visit, I would suggest letting them know how much time to block out of their day. Other than that, I felt very comfortable and I hate going to the dentist ever, so that’s saying something. -Keturah M. 8/4/21

Always. Always just the most friendly bunch. Easy in and out. Wouldn’t go any where else! -Terry L. 8/3/21

Dr. Williams, Melissa  and the whole staff are amazing. I’ve come a long way from starting with Dr. Stimpson. A LONG WAY (don’t cry and no one has to come to the car to get me). I’m so thankful that you put up with me, Highly satisfied in every way… Thanks and have a GREAT weekend!!! -Debbie W. 8/2/21

The staff is professional, friendly and always treat me like family. I have seen all the dentists and I trust all of them with my smile. -Kaylie S. 7/25/21

I highly recommend Dr. Williams to anyone who needs, wants, or has to go to the dentist. This doctor and his staff are the highest quality. Dr. Williams is professional and knowledgeable and he and his staff are very kind and patient. Every visit here my experience has been that from the receptionist to the nurses and especially Dr. Williams every one of them sincerely care about you! You will never feel like just another patient. You will be welcomed here. They see you and they hear you and they will help you! You will not be disappointed ever by choosing Dr. Williams as your dentist. -Julie D. 7/22/21

Great experience like always. -Dan D. 7/12/21

I had a great experience. They have a great and very professional staff. Definitely would recommend! -Ellen C. 7/12/21

The staff is always friendly and helpful. -Melissa J. 7/8/21

Have always enjoyed everyone I’ve interacted with, never any issue, everyone’s always been friendly! 7/1/21

I have been a patient with you for 35 years and have always had expert, professional dental care. All the staff are kind, caring, easy to talk with, and of course, professional. I would indeed recommend your practice to anyone. -Diane 6/21/21

I started with Dr. Stimpson 50 years ago and would never think of going anywhere else. -Sandy B. 6/9/21

I cannot brag about this office enough. I am so very pleased with every experience I’ve had here. Weeks ago, I called about a terrible toothache and they got me in the next day (other places were trying to book me out weeks)! When I got there, I was greeted by a friendly staff and amazing Dr! He listened to every concern I had and helped me to manage the pain. I needed a root canal which we scheduled to do a couple weeks later. However, the following day I woke up with swelling and some pain so I called in and was seen THE SAME DAY. I can’t stress enough how much I appreciated that my concerns were never dismissed and I didn’t feel like a bother. As if this wasn’t enough for me to love this place, I received a call a couple days later by Dr. Alex to check in with how I was feeling because “he didn’t want me to still be in pain and not reach out to them.” Fast-forward, I come in for the root canal and again everyone was so friendly, they all congratulated me on my recent marriage, asked about my child. The root canal went well and I feel so much better, but this place is so much more than a dentist office, they actually care about their patients! 10/10 I will continue to go here and so will my daughter when she’s ready. Thank you Dr. Alex Williams! -Linsey S. 6/5/21

I had my first appointment and have always been nervous when going to a new dentist, but everyone was so nice. The doctor made sure I didn’t have questions and explained everything perfectly. -Christian P. 6/1/21

Amazing team of caring people. -Jimmy F. 6/1/21

Melissa did an excellent job with my teeth, while also being gentle in some sensitive areas. She was kind and thoughtful and answered all of my questions. I will be requesting her for future cleanings. As always, any chance I have, I recommend Zanesville Dental to my family members and friends. -Margaret Z. 6/1/21

Great staff and Doctors. -Craig H. 5/26/21

I have been a patient with Zanesville Dental for several years and am very satisfied with the services I receive. Great staff and very professional and well trained. -Melanie S. 5/24/21

The staff is always polite and friendly. Professional all around. -Carol G. 5/18/21

Friendly, fast, professional, and honest. They do what is best for you. I highly recommend the entire practice! -Steven B. 5/13/21

Melissa is wonderful! My teeth feel great! -George M. 5/8/21

The whole staff is simply amazing. I am treated with excellent care. -Beverly C. 5/6/21

My appointments are like visiting family. And, your office is the only one that doesn’t ask me to “step on the scales”. No pressure. -Ruth K. 5/6/21

We have been going to Dr. Williams for almost 30 years. I have had a dental phobia and dreaded going to the dentist. I was always afraid he would miss something that would cause me to have tooth loss. All of that has been put to rest since going to Zanesville Dental. Dr. Williams’ staff and hygienists are the best. Lora is my personal favorite. She is very thorough and has an excellent bedside manner. You will not regret going to Zanesville Dental. -Becky L. 4/29/21

-Billijean B. 4/26/21

My wife and I both go here and we’ve always been happy with our care and the amazing staff. We even went here when we lived in Florida on our Ohio visits because these people treat you right. -Dave W. 4/22/21

Hope I can find a dental practice like yours in Florida! -Tami B. 4/22/21

Very nice place. Well informed staff. Don’t try hiding anything from you. I think the price is a bit high, but I guess you get what you pay for. -Dwight B. 4/21/21

Very happy. -Marjean H. 4/21/21

Just a wonderful experience! -Jim H. 4/20/21

Very satisfied with my visit. I was taken back and worked on at my appointment time not 15-30 minutes later. All of the staff was friendly and courteous. Dr. and hygienist took time to answer all my questions and give suggestions on things I could try to address any and all issues that I felt and they saw. Would whole-heartedly recommend them to all family and friends. -George M. 4/20/21

Thanks to the excellent professional care, I was made aware of some necessary procedures that need to be done very soon. -Steve M. 4/8/21

This office is the best! Always make you feel comfortable and very thorough. -Mary Ann M. 4/7/21

Everyone is so professional and personable. I enjoy going to the dentist!! -Janet C. 4/6/21

I have gone here for many years never a problem. I couldn’t ask for better treatment, friendliness and service. Thank you all!! -Diana P. 4/5/21

I appreciate the professionalism and the expertise with Dr. Fuhriman’s office as well as Tony the hygienist… who made my six months check up comfortable and satisfying. -Bob G. 4/1/21

Due to insurance changes my family and I have been forced to make changes in our dental provider after having been with the same office throughout our history of receiving dental care. We had trialed two other dental offices and this is by far the best decision we could have made. All staff members are very friendly, helpful, and thorough. Being a single mother the affordability is an added bonus. Also, in addition to the staff being so kind and understanding of my fear of having dental procedures done due to a bad experience. We are very thankful!! -Paige M. 4/1/21

You’re the best. -Dan D. 3/30/21

I appreciate the kind caring cleaning that Melissa gives me. She is very one on one with me and I appreciate her much… Dr. Alex is friendly and caring with an unhurried attitude. Thank you Dr. Alex. Gary did well too. See you in 6 months. -Connie and Garry D. 3/29/21

-Kathy L. 3/25/21

Dr. Williams and my hygienist, Lora C are always very professional, friendly and compassionate. I would definitely recommend them. -Jeff P. 3/18/21

Thanks for always being so fun and friendly. I’ve been going here for many years. I would recommend this office to everyone. -Connie R. 3/22/21

I appreciate the promptness, and Lora is an excellent hygienist! She takes time to make one comfortable. Dr. Fuhriman is always pleasant and thorough. -Doris F. 3/18/21

I got my wisdom teeth out here, and the process could not have gone smoother. Dr. Williams and Dr. Williams are so kind and considerate, and they took the time to help me feel relaxed before starting. I also would like to note that they did a fantastic job on the surgery. The stitches are well and neatly done, and they sent home detailed instructions on what to do for post care. If you’re finding a place to get your wisdom teeth out, definitely go here! All the staff are so kind and thoughtful. 10/10!!! -Hope 3/18/21

Very dedicated staff of professionals! -Paul G. 3/17/21

I highly recommend Dr. Williams to anyone who needs to see a dentist! Literally on my last visit I experienced no pain. Not even with the shots! Dr. Williams is an exceptional dentist. His staff is highly professional and very kind. You will be treated right here every step of the way! -Julie D. 3/15/21

I was very impressed that they got me in so quickly and efficiently. They made me feel very comfortable and Dr. Fuhriman took time to explain everything. The office staff were excellent! I’d recommend them highly. -Jeff W. 3/15/21

Everyone is very helpful and kind. -Marilyn W. 3/11/21

Great staff and dentist. Very friendly. -Larry D. 3/11/21

Always very professional, yet still very welcoming. -Tina L. 3/8/21

Dr. Fuhriman and staff go the extra mile in explaining various treatment options and procedures. No one enjoys going to the dentist, but Zanesville Dental makes my visits as pleasant as possible. In a few words, they are simply the best. -Jack B. 3/4/21

Everyone at Zanesville Dental does an amazing job!! -Ken W. 3/1/21

I love this office and the entire staff! We have been going there since my kids were able to go to the dentist! I have always highly recommended them! -Heather Y. 3/1/21

It was nice to meet Dr. Alex. He has a wonderful career ahead of him! Great to see young people that are doing wonderful things. -Lynn J. 3/1/21

Always feel welcome and in good hands! Staff is extremely polite and above all compassionate! -Paul M. 2/25/21

Definitely would recommend. -JoAnn C. 2/25/21

Great experience! Looking forward to my next visit. Thanks. -Carl V. 2/18/21

Lora always does a fantastic job cleaning my teeth and she remembers me and details about me. I had a wait time due to weather and a technician didn’t come in. It was understandable considering the weather. I was glad Lora was there! Dr. Fuhriman is always very pleasant and doesn’t try to talk me into dental work I don’t need. -Denise W. 2/15/21

I have been a patient for over 35 years. The staff is very professional and I have seen all 3 doctors over the years. I would recommend this dental staff to my friends. -Debbie F. 2/8/21

-David H. 2/7/21

I have been a patient here for many years and have always received excellent care. The staff are great and always welcoming. -Sharan S. 2/3/21

Alex Williams was excellent at locating and removing my cavities. I came into the office to remove a cavity that formed and was causing pain, after a prompt inspection he explained another cavity was forming on the other side offering his recommendation on what to do next. The whole ordeal was painless and swift leaving me at ease with my dental health for the next several months. -Brandon G. 1/25/21

I drive an hour because I love Dr. Williams and all the staff. I was referred by a patient of Dr. Williams back in 1997 and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. When I needed a complicated root canal he referred me to another amazing doctor. Melissa and Lora have always cleaned my teeth and they are gentle and amazing. -Jennifer T. 1/25/21

I thought Dr. Alex did a nice job. -Steve R. 1/25/21

The assistant was so nice and my experience was the best I have ever had! -Kathy E. 1/21/21

Very friendly quick service. -Karen D. 1/20/21

My visit was a number 10 again. Everyone is very friendly and helpful when I am there. I am always at ease at my visits. Thanks so much. -Carolyn B. 1/19/21

Check up went well. The staff at Zanesville Dental are skilled and friendly! -Marjorie R. 1/19/21

They have a great staff, always very professional and nice. Been going here for years! Definitely recommend this office for all your dental needs. -Debbie D. 1/19/21

I was so thankful that I could be seen for my problem tooth and have a cleaning after not being there for so long. Melissa was very gentle and thorough with my cleaning. I appreciate that so much as in previous cleanings at another dentist I was always hurt! Dr. Williams explained what needs to be done and that put me at ease. Thank you. -Carolyn G. 1/14/21

Thank you for great professional services! – Robert B. 1/12/21

Very professional office and some of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Definitely would recommend them to friends and family. -Nancy G. 1/11/21

I have been coming here for many years with no complaints. Everyone is very kind. -Michelle W. 1/11/21

Dr. Williams and his son are amazing. -Paul L. 1/6/21

You all are the best!! -Mary Ann M. 12/29/20

-Nicole Petti 12/28/20

I just now saw where I could leave a review. I cannot say enough great things about your office. So very kind and congenial. Gina took care of getting me in to see the Dr. as I WAS IN A LOT OF PAIN. I was pain free and on my way home very quickly and was sooooo appreciative! WISHING many special blessings in the New Year for you all! -Barbara W. 12/28/20

We’ve been together for a long time and although I don’t “look forward” to coming, you have been friendly, gracious and gentle. Thank you for being a great staff and being personable. -Tim T. 12/23/20

Always a pleasure coming to this office! -Shelly H. 12/21/20

Always a good experience. Thank you! -Debbie W. 12/20/20

I have been a patient of Dr. Williams for over thirty years and have been very satisfied with all of my treatments. I also saw Dr. Fuhriman once and was very satisfied with his work as well. All of the staff are very friendly and easy to talk with. I have recommended your practice to others. Merry Christmas and a Better 2021. -Dianne P. 12/17/20

I appreciate the genuine care I have received over the years. -Jean L. 12/16/2020

Very satisfied and good care. -Anonymous 12/15/2020

I greatly appreciate the time and attention given to me. Each step was explained, even down to the reason for taking the time to administer the medication.     -Barb C. 12/15/2020

If you are looking for a dentist, this is the place! NICE people! -Larry S. 12/14/20

Gentle with cleanings and any procedure I have had done. Great at explaining things and not pushy about possible procedures such as crowns and braces. -Yvonne S. 12/9/2020

I give Dr. Williams & staff a 5 star review for my dentist appointment yesterday. Very pleasant, kind experience. Thank you.   -Sarah W. 12/9/2020

-LuAnn G. 12/8/2020

Very gentle and courteous, even my 4 year old feels comfortable and safe. -Alex F. 12/4/2020

I always have a great experience at this office! -Kelly M. 12/3/2020

Everyone there is wonderful! Best staff ever and the caring of their patients is absolutely phenomenal! -Mary Jane D. 12/02/2020

Very dedicated, competent and pleasant staff. They treat me like family. -Paul G. 12/02/2020

Dr. Fuhriman and staff always make my visits to Zanesville Dental as pleasant and painless as can be. -Jack B. 12/02/2020

This was the first time Dr. Fuhriman had worked on me and it worked out very well. -Steve W. 12/01/2020

All of you are GREAT!!! Thanks for taking care of me. I greatly appreciate all of you!!! -Debbie W. 11/25/2020

My experience with Zanesville Dental is always great. They do a really good job every time and I do not have to wait. -Melanie S. 11/21/2020

Our family has been going to Zanesville Dental (even before it was Zanesville Dental). Dr. Williams and his staff are the greatest. Even though no one ever likes going to the dentist, they make it at least halfway pleasurable. A special thanks to Melissa, Laura, and Gina who have become like a part of our family over the years. Thank you- Joyce and John S.

I have been to several different dentists over the years. Not only was the dental work completed perfectly but the kindness and consideration that was shown from Dr. Williams and all of his staff could only have come straight from the heart. I have felt completely comfortable from day one. I only wish I had found this dental office sooner. ❤️     -JoAnn C.

I had an appointment and called early in the afternoon to see if I could come in early. They were sooo nice and got me in right away. I was done and out in 30 minutes. Love it. -Linda P.

I had a pleasant experience this morning with Dr. Alex Williams and his assistant, Stephanie Fusner. I had an unexpected filling needing attention and was scheduled the following day of my call. I was new to Dr. Williams… Stephanie was very patient with me and gave me reassurances that I could postpone my work if I wasn’t comfortable with a new dentist. After viewing the x-ray, I realized I needed help immediately. Dr. Williams came, gave me the treatment plan and gave me the reassurance that all would be okay. I sat for the next half hour or so and had my tooth repaired. I felt much confidence in both Dr. Williams and Stephanie. I left with another positive experience with Zanesville Dental. Dr. Fuhriman has performed a lot of dental work for me, yet each time I am there I am treated kindly and treated like family. Thank you… -Bob G.

The people who work here are wonderful. Everyone is friendly and very professional. The building is very clean and organized. It’s a warm inviting atmosphere that you can relax in while your dental work is being done. They know what they are doing and are good at it. -Perry S.

Every staff member is professional and always nice. I have been with them (Dr. Williams) for over 30 years. I never wanted to change. They are the best. -Donna B.

I went in for a cleaning, and everyone was friendly. The dental hygienist John (Tony) was super nice. Dr. Fuhriman was equally as nice. I’d definitely recommended, if you are in need of a dentist in the Zanesville area to give a call! -Katlin H.

Always friendly front desk and staff, on time and efficient! Dr. Williams suggests what may need attention and the front desk follows up with scheduling. The office is clean, neat, and welcoming. I would recommend this office to anyone! -Stephen W.

I love this office. The staff from the receptionist to the dentists are so friendly and very professional. I would not think of going anywhere else. -Robyn L.

Great doctors and a great staff. -Ben H.

Very good experience! -Ed M.

Dr. Williams is great! He is conservative in regards to treatment suggestions/procedures(i.e. he is honest, caring and not pushy for profit). I highly recommend for children and adults alike. Melissa the hygienist is amazing as well! She remembers patients and even details from a year ago. She treats kids like they are her own and makes adult patients feel at home. The staff are all friendly and genuinely care. I truly wish I could leave more than 5 stars because this practice is worthy of infinitely more than 5 lousy stars! – Jerica B.

I have been going to Dr. Williams for many years. Lora is my hygienist and is wonderful. The entire staff treat you like family. They cured my fear of the dentist at the 1st visit. I have and will continue to highly recommend this office for any dental issues. -Sherry H.

Dr. Williams & his daughter the hygienist are wonderful! They are both kind, calming & professional. I always feel confident going into that office. Support staff are great as well. They take appropriate but reasonable COVID-19 precautions. Highly recommended! -George M.

Always great service by quality, professional staff. Answers questions quickly and will get you in as fast as possible when you’re in pain. Highly recommended! -Gretchen T.

My experience with ALL staff has been second to none. I actually enjoy my visits to the dentist!! -Lottie F.

I hope I clicked all HIGHLY SATISFIED BECAUSE EVERYTHING WAS GREAT! The doctor was very caring as was his assistant and I particularly like that Gina was soooo nice and managed to find an appointment time for me and all is well this morning! Thank you for everything!! -Barbara W.

Ya’ll were great!! -Kevin S.

I’m not a fan of dentists in general, but they have always treated me gently and allayed my fears. I love Melissa as my hygienist — she is awesome! And Dr. Williams is a very caring man who always thinks about the comfort of his patients, I trust them — and that is saying a lot! Christian practice and that is important to me! -Tami B.

Always amazing and friendly staff but recently Dr. Fuhriman replaced the crown on my front tooth and it turned out amazing! My previous crown (done somewhere else) had been put in at an angle making a large gap in my teeth that I was very self conscious of and now it looks perfect. So happy to go here and they are great about my reluctance for dental work haha. -Josh H.

I have been a patient for over 25 years. Love this dental office. -Mary Beth S.

Couldn’t be more satisfied with Zanesville Dental staff. All are very caring and professional. I would not want any other dentist. Always leave feeling I just had the best possible care. -Lisa B.

I had a great experience and they saw me on such short notice!! I will never be scared to go to the dentist again!!! -Heather S.

We drive from the Columbus area to be seen by this practice. Fantastic, caring staff- thank you! -Stacie R.

It is a great place and everyone is so nice! -Sue P.


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